2022 Internships

Max Baldwin


During his time working at the I.T. Shield Help Desk, he wrote tickets for students that were having problems with their devices. He worked with the students and their problems, learning about a number of different common, or complicated, issues with Chromebook, as well as the proper ways to fix them. Max was also able to see and learn about a lot of new places in the school through different projects. His internship was very useful in strengthening his communication and problem-solving skills.

Ryan O’Conner

Lakeland Official Association

Ryan works for Bob Lunowa and helps update his websites. He posts newsletters, fixes meeting dates, modernizes designs, and more. He updates both the Lakeland Officials Association website and the Monches Fish and Game website. Ryan meets with his advisors to discuss different ideas to improve the websites. Ryan has learned how to create and edit websites as well as basic binary coding.  

Quentin Schultz


At his internship, Quentin programmed on CGSmith’s flagship application, ShipWise. He learned how to use the MVC Model for web applications and how to program in PHP. In addition, his internship is where he learned how to use abstract classes and interfaces.

Ethan Winkelman

Citizen’s Bank

In this internship Ethan was incorporated in an entry level position for computer science. His main project was to create runbooks, or more commonly called procedures. He created multiple runbooks to achieve certain tasks that still needed a procedure to be written for. A few times he was able to tag along to one of the different locations that Citizen’s Bank has to help with troubleshooting problems.

Kelidy Ruth

Mukwonago Community Library

Kelidy worked in the MetaSpace 511 of the Library. MetaSpace is a maker-space that has all kinds of tools and machinery that Kelidy has learned how to use over the last year. Kelidy has had the opportunity of learning how to use a laser engraving machine on various different types of materials to engrave designs and cut out shapes, as well as the chance to learn how to use the 3D printers that the library owns to create some fun designs. In addition, Kelidy has also learned how to teach these pieces of equipment to members of the community. As an intern at the library, Kelidy has helped to create and teach classes that the MetaSpace holds to educate the library patrons on both the materials that can be found in MetaSpace as well as other fun maker projects and concepts.