Networking and Cybersecurity

Networking is the construction, design, and use of a network, including the physical (cabling, bridge, switch, router, etc.), the selection, and use of telecommunication protocol to manage it. Students will learn about the structure of networking along with how computers function, in addition to various employable skills.

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Course Requirements

0.5 Credits Digital Electronics (Technology and Engineering Education – semester course)

Digiral Electronics Course

0.5 Credits Device Configuration and Management (Computer Science – semester course)

Operating Systems and Servers Course

0.5 Networking and Security (Computer Science – semester course)
Networking and Security Course

0.5 Advanced Cybersecurity (Computer Science – semester course)

0.5 Credits from any other course associated with the IT Academy 

0.5 Credits Technology and Society (Social Studies credit – online course)

Technology and Society Course

0.5 Credits Technical Communication (English Credit – semester course)

Technical Communications Course

0.5 Credits IT Academy Capstone (elective credit – second semester of Senior year)

IT Academy Capstone Course