2023 Internships

Tyler Backhaus

I.T Connect

Tyler worked with clients to set up company infrastructure such as printers, laptops, desktops, applications, and various upgrades to devices. While there he mass deployed antivirus software to clients’ computers in person and remotely. Tyler was the lead for securing over 300 terabits of data from drives and testing their quality to see if reuse was plausible and collecting an inventory of how many we had with details like storage capacity status on being cleaned, any defects, serial number, etc. Tyler has learned how to configure various pieces of technology as well as troubleshoot them while also securing a large amount of client’s data and their devices.

Abigail Esmeier

MHS S.H.I.E.L.D Desk

Abigail works for the MHS S.H.I.E.L.D desk during the school day. She primarily helps students who are having trouble with their devices. She creates student tickets, replaces parts on Chromebooks, updates computers, responds to classroom tickets, and assists teachers and students with their IT problems. She works with faculty and alumni of MHS to learn the proper ways to fix IT issues. She has learned new ways to communicate with IT professionals, and her problem solving and communication skills have benefited during her time in this internship.

Jaylen Korth

Laughlin Constable

Jaylen worked a summer internship alongside Remington Reichmann to develop an automated quality assurance website for Laughlin Constable’s QA Team. They worked under Brad Balmer, who had daily meetings to assist them in the site’s creation. Jaylen learned how to use Next.js, a derivative of HTML and Javascript, to develop websites. He also gained experience using Github and Microsoft Teams in professional development.

Kendal Schreiber

Mukwonago Community Library

Kendal works at Mukwonago Community Library’s makerspace, MetaSpace 511. As an Innovator in Residence, Kendal has learned how to use a plethora of equipment, such as: a laser machine, 3D printers, the Cricut Maker 3, a vacuum former, and more. Kendal also creates and directs programs such as Kids Who Code, LEGO Club, Badging Classes (on each piece of equipment), and others. She has learned so much about how to teach and help others, as well as grow in her own leadership skills. Kendal loves working at MetaSpace 511 and is always excited to create something new during her internship!