2019 Internships

Tylor Nelson

Northwestern Mutual


During his time at Northwestern, Tylor developed professional skills that he will use as he pursues his professional career. He gained confidence and communication skills as he learned HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With these coding languages, Tylor developed an AR, Actual Reality, scavenger hunt game Northwestern used at a conference in Wisconsin Dells

Noah Fairchild

Mukwonago Community Library

As an innovator in Residence at the Mukwonago Community Library, Noah primarily worked within the library’s maker space. In MetaSpace511, the name of the maker space, Noah ran multiple coding classes and worked on one-on-one with patrons for “Tech Savvy Tutor” sessions. He led weekly STEM related activities that gave students the ability to explore different aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. But that’s not all, Noah ran tech camps and gave in-depth lessons on IT related subjects , from computer maintenance to cloud computing and storage. All these experiences have been incredibly valuable to Noah as they have helped him grow immensely as a student. It has allowed him to create strong connections with patrons and coworkers, develop his communication skills daily, and learn how to have an organized plan for everyday activities he held.

Paige Rosynek

Laughlin Constable

On the QA team at LC, Paige worked on writing programs for automated web testing, using Selenium, in both Python and C#. She helped build a Raspberry Pie powered smart mirror with Google Assistant integration that allows the user to get various information right on the surface of their mirror. While doing all of this, she obtained invaluable real-world experience in the field of computer science and learned ideal programming practices. But perhaps her biggest take away, is she learned how to be an effective member of a team in an office environment.

Andrew Ocampo

IDC Precision Mukwonago

Andrew interned at IDC Precision in Mukwonago where he did a multitude of useful tasks such as helped manage the domain, set up new workstations, deploy software updates, and help other employees with IT-related issues. As an intern, Andrew learned how to work in an office environment with others and how to manage his time efficiently. He is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to grow his IT skills in the real world and believes that this type of experience is unlike any before.